The World of  Exponential Technologies - Analysed, Curated, Structured, Categorized and Organised

Each Exponential Technology area is organised by a detailed taxonomy of:

  1. Technology Ecosystem & Value Chain

  2. Sub-Technology Areas

  3. Business Models

  4. Industries impacted and Areas of Impact


This helps clients find, analyse and engage with the technologies most relevant to them -

Exponential Digital Technologies

ArtiFicial Intelligence


Internet of things

Autonomous vehicles

immersive technologies

3D Printing

energy innovations


Platform as a Service

Pro-Action Analyst Curated Insights

  • Start-ups

  • Products & Technologies

  • Technical Specifications

  • Business Models

  • Industry Impact Analysis

  • Early Signals

  • Rankings

  • Analytics

  • Technology Adoption Use Cases


Communities & Network  Connections

  • Start-ups

  • Investors

  • Law Firms

  • Testing Labs

  • System Integrator

  • Contract Manufacturers

  • Engineering Firms


Hyper Customised Research & Advisory

  • Solution Scouting

  • Opportunity Identification

  • Technology Scouting & Monitoring

  • Partner Identification

  • Technology Assessment & Due Diligence

  • Technology Benchmarking

  • Start-up Due Diligence

  • Technology Adoption

Aligned to your Business Objectives

WhatNext TechAdvantage platform-as-a-service  is used by clients across industries and business functions to help them define their future strategies and accelerate strategy execution by leveraging external exponential digital technologies.

Curated by Analysts

WhatNext isn't just about a bunch of Data Scientists and smart algorithms.

Yes we use those too and to add to that we also leverage a global crowd-sourcing network, expert network and self-update of information by start-ups themselves.

But most importantly, all our data and content is carefully curated, validated, analysed and authored by a team of technology and industry analysts who collectively bring over 500 man-years of subject matter expertise in digital technologies and their industrial applications.

Global Coverage

Find innovative exponential technology start-ups, products and technologies in every continent, country and city globally.

If it exists, if its digital, if its disruptive and exponential, if its mature, if it has industry application, if it matters - you will find it here.

Access Analyst Services - Go Deeper on Demand

Our analysts are one mouse click away.

For 20 years now, they have provided advisory, analytics and insight on application of digital technologies to Fortune 500 and other large companies from over 30 industries.

Our analysts address diverse client business objectives - growth hacking, problem solving, technology due-diligence, start-up due-diligence, bench-marking, technology adoption and more

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