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WhatNext isn't just about a bunch of Data Scientists and smart algorithms.

Yes we use those too.  Additionally we have built a global crowd-sourcing network that brings local insights to our global platform. Furthermore, innovative startups and companies are empanneled on our innovation network. They self-update their profiles by themselves.

But most importantly, no matter what the source, all data and content is carefully curated, validated, analysed and authored by a team of technology and industry analysts who collectively bring over 500 man-years of subject matter expertise in digital technologies and their industrial applications.

Global Coverage

Find innovative exponential technology start-ups, products and technologies from every continent, country and city globally.

If they exist; are digital, innovative, disruptive, exponential, mature and have industry application, if they matter - you will find the start-up and the technology on our platform.

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Our analysts are just one mouse click away.

For 20 years now, they have provided advisory, analytics and insight on application of digital technologies to Fortune 500 and other large companies from over 30 industries.

Our analysts address diverse client business objectives - growth hacking, problem solving, technology due-diligence, start-up due-diligence, bench-marking, technology adoption and more. 

On Demand - They customise insights to make the platform work for your unique business objectives. 

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Our platform is powered by simple to use but robust search functionality that helps users find the most appropriate exponential technology start-ups, products & technologies, IP, early signals, new stories, videos, reports, analyst opinion pieces and industry adoption stories at the snap of a finger

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