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Why Register?

Solve Client  Innovation  Challenges

Use the WhatNext platform to respond to Innovation Challenges of WhatNext Clients

Access to


Corporate Venturing & VC firms use WhatNext to find the best investment opporunities

Branding &


Use the Platform Airtime provided to you to do Webinars, Whitepapers, Interviews & more



Give your technology the best opportunity to find new use cases across 30 industries

What does it cost to Register?

It costs Nothing!

WhatNext is not an advertising platform. Our objective is to give the best technologies the best opportunities to address the business objectives of our clients.

It is important to us that we are neutral and act in the interests of our clients. 

So we don't charge our start-up partners to be be a part of our network.

What happens after you Register?

We Engage with you to find you the best Opportunity!

Our partner network will reach out to you

They will understand if your product, technology or offering is a fit for WhatNext

They will help you update your company & technology profile on the platform

They will understand your business objectives. Funding | Adoption | Business Development | Others

They will work with you and prepare a plan to help you achive your business objectives

WhatNext Support Ecosystem for Start-Ups

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