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Connecting an Industry In Transition to Future Technologies and Possibilities

The Oil & Gas Industry is an industry in transition. It has been dealing with the challenges of production efficiency, digitisation and fast depleting reserves. Then there are the uncertainties because of innovations in clean energy, energy storage and rapidly transforming consumer markets. 

With the sign of the Paris agreement on climate change (COP21) in 2020 by most countries in the world, it is clear that the future is carbon constrained. Oil & gas companies have no choice but to diversify into other energy areas and we can see that many major companies are already taking steps towards that goal. Exponential digital technologies are accelerators and sometime causes of these shifts. The solution lies in embracing and experimenting with these new technologies and create an optimal portfolio of offerings to survive in this carbon-constrained future. 

Every part of the Oil & Gas value chain is impacted by this transition. Business leaders are therefore exploring transformative strategies centred on adoption of digital exponential technologies to address their business challenges. At WhatNext, we bring the unique capability of unparalleled insights, creative advisory and a global ecosystem of exponential technology partners to address every unique business objective of our clients

Examples of Industry Questions that we Answer

  • How can we use digital technologies and data driven insights to transform our operations?

  • What is the recent delta achieved in a digital technology area? i.e. energy storage?

  • Which technology (i.e. robotics or drones or sensors) or technology combination ( i.e. Robotics & Artificial Intelligence) can address my specific business need?

  • How do we optimally adopt 5G, overall or for specific applications? What technologies do we use?

  • How can I apply technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT, blockchain, Robotics, etc. for the purpose of circularity?

  • What are the new business models available to me because of new innovation in energy and storage?

  • I need technology due diligence to be conducted of a specific start-up or technology?

  • Which start-ups globally are best-fit acquisition / technology adoption opportunities for my specific business use case?

WhatNext Addresses every Oil & Gas Value Chain

Exploration &



Oilfield &

Gas Field


Research &


Chemicals &



Equipments &


Storage &



Shipping &



Refining &




WhatNext addresses Business Objectives across Functions

Innovation, R&D, Digital Transformation

  • Circularity and Resource Efficiency

  • Clean Energy and CO2-as-a-resource

  • New Products and Revenue Streams

  • Production Efficiency

  • Digital Transformation

Corporate Strategy & Marketing

  • Developing New Business Models

  • Identifying Competitive Whitespaces

  • Fast Transforming Customer Segments

  • Sustainability

  • Risk Mitigation and Asset Optimization

M&A, Ventures, and Technology    Scouting

  • Future Market Scenarios and Roadmaps

  • Global Landscape of Technology Start-ups

  • Global Benchmarking of Solutions

  • Due Diligence of Technologies and Players

Technology Foresight, Market & Competitive Intelligence

  • Map Future Technology and Industry

  • Landscape

  • Identify Validated Use-Cases

  • Define Mandate of Future Energy Company

  • Weak Technology Signals


Webinar Snippet - Digitalization in Oil & Gas Part 3: Delivering Business Value from IIoT 

4 min watch

Here is a peek into what transpired during the third part of our Digitalization in Oil & Gas webinar series focused on Delivering Business Value from IIoT.


IIoT devices in oil & gas have grown to over 1.5 million devices at a growth rate of 8% annually over the last 5 years, generating Petabytes of data annually.


This has given rise to a new set of challenges within each organization viz. IoT integration challenges within existing enterprise architecture, data management issues, analytics complexity, choosing the right wireless solution, network coverage & most importantly concerns over data security.


Together with our technology ecosystem partners  we will talk about these challenges, clearly outline how a meaningful use case should be identified & share real world implementation cases that show case how business value is maximized.

Here is a peek into what transpired during the second part of our Digitalization in Oil & Gas webinar series focused on Predictive Analytics for Critical Assets!


Over 50% of legacy critical assets are not instrumented. This fact, coupled with a shrinking workforce & tedious manual reading predictive maintenance practices can result in tens or hundreds of $ millions of lost revenue due to asset downtime, repair or catastrophic accidents.

There is now a strong business case for critical assets to be sensorized (at very low costs & reliably), its data wirelessly transmitted to the cloud & analyzed through asset specific ML models, allowing real time monitoring of the assets condition & health.

In this webinar we cover how predictive analytics help define asset specific health indices,real-time monitoring & triggering of early warning alerts based a variety of analytical models.

Webinar Snippet - Digitalization in Oil & Gas Part 2: Predictive Analytics for Critical Assets

3.5 min watch

Webinar Snippet- Digitization in Oil & Gas Part 1: Digital enablement for a meaningful ROCE

4 min watch

The first part of our Digitalization in Oil & Gas webinar series focused on Digital enablement for a meaningful ROCE!


The Oil & Gas industry is currently reeling under one of the worst price shocks in the past decade due to oversupply & the COVID-19 impact. The urgency to improve operating margins & capital efficiency has never been higher.


DIGITALIZATION can significantly improve profitability of assets by providing descriptive, predictive & prescriptive analytics.


Along with out exponential technology partners, we try and find out why most digitalization initiatives lead to disappointment.


We delve into the Importance of a sound & practical digitalization strategy to ensure that a project selected can deliver sustainable & acceptable returns and try and determine the factors involved in delivering acceptable return 

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