Autonomous X by wire : Identification of Technology Solutions & Partners



The client was looking for companies/startups who develop control systems & related hardware for motion control linked to autonomous mobility for their X by wire project.

Technology Areas

Autonomous Vehicles, Artificial Intelligence

Key Objectives

  • Identification of a long list of relevant companies & startups who have technologies/products at any maturity level, but is directly linked to vehicle motion & stability control (e.g. path planning, trajectory planning, route planning, etc.)

Our Methodology

Customised Business Objective service through WhatNext Platform

  • Based on our client’s unique objective, the WN analyst team worked on a customized business objective that was accessed through the platform

  • The search required our team to analyze patent literature, product data sheets, technical research papers, conference papers & other scientific articles from leading journals & magazine publications

  • The outcome of this project resulted in a long list of 62 relevant companies (25 large companies, 20 SMEs & 17 startups) whose offerings were bucketed into 8 key categories of interest (covering middleware, hardware, technology services, etc.

Due-Diligence: Primary Interviews with Start-Ups

  • Most of the 17 startups & 20 SMEs were part of the WhatNext Network.

  • For this specific project, 7 in-video interviews were conducted due to limited technical product data available in the public domain & the lack of real world use-cases to show case actual maturity level (v/s what is claimed)

Client Benefit

  • Our deliverable added 18 new companies that the client was not aware of, especially those offering novel middleware (perception, sensor fusion & motion control) at TRL maturity levels of 6+

  • The output was confidence inspiring & allowed for a deeper engagement as outlined below

Post Engagement Outcome

Our client further engaged the WhatNext team to conduct a deeper benchmarking of the technology options from all startups & SMEs in order to evaluate which product/technology offerings are suitable from a integration/collaboration/co-development stand point