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The Automotive Industry is an industry at a cross road. It is been transformed by autonomous driving, electrification and vehicle connectivity. It is being challenged by shared mobility, evolving customer preferences and regulations on emissions. The cross road brings both, the enormous opportunity of a vastly different world of future mobility and the uncertainty of a volatile and disruptive business environment. Rapid innovation in exponential digital technologies is accelerating change. The solution also lies in adopting and using these technologies. This provides an opportunity to advance your business towards finding creative solutions, new business models, product offering and markets. 

Every part of the automotive value chain is impacted by this transition. Business leaders are therefore exploring transformative strategies centred on adoption of digital exponential technologies to address their business challenges. At WhatNext, we bring the unique capability of unparalleled insights, creative advisory and a global ecosystem of exponential technology partners to address every unique business objective of our clients.

Examples of Industry Questions that we Answer

  • How can we use digital technologies and data driven insights to transform our operations?

  • What is the recent delta achieved in a digital technology area? i.e. energy storage

  • Which technology (i.e. LIDARS or AI or sensors) or technology combination ( i.e. LIDAR & Artificial Intelligence) can address my specific business need

  • How do we optimally adopt 5G, overall or for specific applications? What technologies do we use?

  • How can I apply technologies such as immersive technologies for the purpose of HMI

  • What are the new business models available to me because of new innovation in connectivity, energy and storage

  • I need technology due diligence to be conducted of a specific start-up or technology?

  • Which start-ups globally are best-fit acquisition / technology adoption opportunities for my specific business use case?

WhatNext Addresses every Automotive Value Chain Area

Chassis & Body

Powertrain, Transmission &


Simulation & Testing



Design &


Lighting Modules

Thermal Systems & Engine


Suspension &


Active &

Passive Safety


Batteries, Fuel &

Exhaust  Systems


Infotainment &


Vehicle Interiors


Electronics & Connectivity

Manufacturing &




Supply Chain &



Sales & Marketing



OBDII based


Car Ownership


WhatNext addresses Business Objectives across Functions

Innovation, R&D, Digital Transformation

  • Electrification, Alternate Fuels & Energy Storage

  • Transformation to 'Computer on Wheels' - Connectivity, Software Innovation, HMI & Cybersecurity
    ADAS & Autonomy

  • Sustainability

Corporate Strategy & Marketing

  • Developing New Business Models

  • Identifying Competitive Whitespaces

  • Fast Transforming Customer Segments

  • Sustainability

  • Risk Mitigation and Asset Optimization

M&A, Ventures, and Technology    Scouting

  • Future Market Scenarios and Roadmaps

  • Global Landscape of Technology Start-ups

  • Global Benchmarking of Solutions

  • Due Diligence of Technologies and Players

Technology Foresight, Market & Competitive Intelligence

  • Map Future Technology and Industry

  • Landscape

  • Identify Validated Use-Cases

  • Define Mandate of Future Energy Company

  • Weak Technology Signals

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