About Us


WhatNext identifies, analyses, and connects exponential digital technologies and their ecosystems with enterprises to reimagine industries.

Exponential Digital technologies are maturing at an ever-increasing pace while intersecting with each other at the same time. The resulting convergence is giving rise to new possibilities that were unimaginable earlier. This rapid change has made adopting exponential digital technologies a combination of art and science, a combination of creativity, imagination, assimilation of different technology solutions, and collaborative execution. This has given rise to multiple scenarios and complexities which traditional industries struggle to understand comprehensively or execute seamlessly. Identifying and implementing business solutions using the ideal exponential digital technologies for your critical business objectives is resource-intensive, complex, sometimes ineffective, and often inefficient.

Exponential Digital Technologies are problem solving technologies that were impossible yesterday, are hard to build today, and tomorrow will be so pervasive that they are invisible - and so important that we can't live without them.


WhatNext analyses, identifies and brings together exponential digital technologies and their ecosystems to provide solutions and drive business objectives across industries. We simplify this for you with our platform-as-a-service model that hyper-customises the worlds most comprehensive curation of insights on exponential digital technologies and blends it seamlessly with advisory, start-up community, expert network and a technology adoption ecosystem


Companies engage with us to help them identify and implement exponential digital technologies to execute any kind of business objectives:

  • Optimisation and automation of internal processes

  • Creation of new client-facing products and services

  • Enablement of novel business models and business growth