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Be In Tune with, Scout out and Adopt
the most Impactful and Exponential
Technologies globally


Our Core Value Proposition

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”


Charles Darwin?

No, Charles Darwin didn’t say this. A premier globally renowned academy of sciences learnt this to their chagrin, much after they prominently placed the quote on the stone floor at their headquarters. But, if this quote still rings true, it’s only because it is.


Senior professionals and change leaders from established industries such as Automotive, Steel, Pharmaceuticals, Energy and others no longer need to be told of stories about Kodak, the taxi industry, book retail, communication or the music industry.


They are constantly challenged by rapidly changing consumer preferences, business models and new or upcoming alternatives to their longstanding product mix. They are inundated with stories about how digital disruption will wipe out 40% of the current Global Fortune 500. They are constantly challenged by investors, shareholders, boards and senior leadership to find business models and innovation that help them surmount the irrefutable VUCA future.


Yet, they know that innovating on the technologies that will bring this VUCA future is no longer the monopoly of a few large, cash-rich, mammoth enterprises with enormous R&D muscle. The digital nature of these technologies has, in some ways democratized innovation, and given rise to thousands of start-ups, all around the world, with innovative products and technologies. Most traditional industry players are therefore more open than ever to collaborate and adopt technologies that come from anywhere, be it a start-up in a distant part of the world, or a competitor, customer or supplier.


But challenges remain:

  • How does one keeping abreast with such decentralized, rapid, global innovation?

  • How does one find ‘the right Product & Technology before the competitor does?

  • Even if one finds something interesting, how does one evaluate and benchmark the product or technology to make sure that ‘This is the One’?

  • How does one go about adopting a technology that wasn’t originally developed for one’s specific use case?

  • Finally, how does one transcend the legal and commercial issues in technology adoption?


So we went and developed a platform that helps you:

  • Keep abreast with rapid transformation in core exponential technology ecosystems

  • Deeply Understand the impact on your business

  • Scout Technologies

  • Engage with Core Exponential Technology Providers

  • Adopt Technologies​

You could also use the platform to help you:

  • Find corporate venturing opportunities from global exponential technology ecosystems

  • Find Customers – If these global exponential technology ecosystems are consumers of your products

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About Us

WhatNext is a platform focused on 12 disruptive and exponential technologies. It is designed to help clients be in tune with, scout out, adopt the most impactful and exponential technologies globally.


Our clients use the platform to accelerate innovation cycles, solve R&D challenges, develop new business models and mitigate risks of disruption.


WhatNext is a subsidiary of FutureBridge, a global research & advisory and  technology commercialisation and adoption services business.

The Platform

Bringing the worlds most radical and innovative disruptive and core exponential technology players to your work desk .


Pro-Action Insight

Ongoing insights about over 70 industry impacting technologies within 12 core disruptive technology ecosystems.

Industry lens on exponential impact technologies. Contextual, data-driven, in-depth analysis and benchmarking of technology developments. Ongoing tracking and assessment of players – large and small – across the global technology ecosystem. Objective recommendations of potential actions

Technology Commercialisation & Adoption Centre

Adopt innovative exponential technologies powered by the world’s most efficient technology commercialisation and adoption methodology





Engage with selected Start-ups, system integrators, testing labs, experts and other ecosystem players for Technology Adoption.  Conduct technology due diligence and benchmarking.  Leverage simulation, testing and integrator ecosystems to streamline and simplify technology adoption.


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